10 interesting facts about Justin Bieber You SHOULD Know

Justin Bieber Facts

We all have that famous song of Justin Bieber imprinted on your minds. Definitely I’m talking about the song “baby” released in 2010. Justin Bieber gain fame when he had simple looks. Still there are many who are madly in love with him but with time this madness starts changing into resentment. Now there are tons of people who hate Justin, likewise there is a large number of people still exist that are known as the die-hard fans of Justin bieber. This article is for the fans of Justin bieber. With this they are going to know the important facts about him.

1: All hail to Scooter Braun

Scooter Braun was the manager of Justin bieber. Justin was discovered by a mistake. Well, we can’t say it was a mistake it was destined to happen. So scooter Braun clicked a video on you tube by mistake and it was of Justin bieber, singing in a competition. With this his manager thought of giving him a chance and that chance proved fruitful at that time.

2: once a performer always a performer

Justin had no knowledge of musical instruments neither he learnt from any music academy. It was all by himself. He learned different musical instruments by himself. And his effort didn’t go worthless. Fame was already written in his destiny.

Facts About Justin

3: An architect to be…?

If Justin Bieber could do any other job then, he would be an architect. Well, that sounds ridiculous but yes, it’s true. That was a backup plan that never needed to be executed.

4: Tons of fans on social media

He has a huge fan following on various social media sites. His follower’s values range to about 80,000,000. And this figure makes him the second highest followed the celebrity on just twitter. Imagine how many followers Justin will have on other social media sites! These figures do not end here, he has approximately 60 million fans on Instagram too. Enough followers to cherish your fame and eminence. And this fact could be a solid reason for his haters to feel jealous of him.

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5: Trust no one but…?

This fact is the most amazing one. Amazingly enough to impress Justin’s die-hard fans. Well, Justin Bieber follows a simple rule that trusts no one but parents. So he took all of the advice and the solution from his parents. All of the consultancy related to his career is taken by his parents, Jeremy Bieber and Pattie Mellette.

Facts about Justin Beiber

6: A sports man!!

If you are a fan of Justin Bieber then you must know that your rock star is really good at sports. He loves playing ice hockey, soccer, and basketball. Because of his talent, he would often get bullied during his school days by other kids because he was really good at sports. The other kids felt jealousy because Justin was better than them.


7: Huge fan of Drake

Your rock star is itself a huge fan of Drake. Being his good friend, Justin respects Drake a lot and love listening his songs during driving.

8: A Generous heart

He possesses a generous heart. This can be related to Justin’s most renowned charitable act when he cut off his famous ‘swoosh’ hairstyle and auctioned them. His hairs fetched him $40,000! All the proceeds went to charity.


9: Your crush has a crush too!!

Well, if Justin is your crush then you must know that he also has a crush. He admitted that he has a huge crush on Beyoncé and felt out of the world when he happened to meet his crush at the MTV music video awards in 2008.

10: Net value of Justin Beiber

You will be bewildered on knowing that Justin Bieber currently has a Net Worth of $200 million, which is going to increase only. Well, all hail to his endorsements, world tours, and royalties!

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