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GCU Portal Access for Students and Parents – Login GCU Portal

GCU Student Parent Faculty Portal Login
GCU Portal Login
GCU Portal Login

GCU stands for Grand Canyon University. It is a private Christian university that is functioning in a non-profit manner. GCU is located in Phoenix, Arizona. The university strives to help the students bring a positive change in their lives through a better system of education.

Grand Canyon University offers a variety of programs at undergraduate as well as postgraduate levels. These programs are available both on-campus and online. The university has a very dedicated and committed staff that assists the students in every step. The teachers ensure that every student reaches his/her goals in the best way possible. 

Although GCU is a Christian university, however, it welcomes all the students coming from different backgrounds regardless of their denominations.

The aim of the university is to let the students reach their potential to the fullest and have a vast knowledge about their field of study. Due to this mission and the dedication of the GCU team, the university administration believes that no other Christian University is going to compete with them. 

GCU Portal Access for Students

For the students, there are a number of benefits that they can have from the GCU Student Portal. Some of the benefits are as follows:

  • The students can have access to their email accounts, academic schedules, academic advising, registration information, and student grades. They can also find guidelines on different courses on this portal. 
  • GCU provides tutoring services to the students through this portal. Also, there are options for career counseling and academic counseling. The students can get these counseling services if they require it. 
  • GCU always supports deserving students by covering their finances. For this purpose, there is a dedicated section in the portal to deal with the cases of financial aid. It helps the meritorious students to get the documents and resources related to aids. 

How to create an account on GCU Student Portal?

For accessing the different resources on GCU Student Portal, the students have to create an account on the portal. For this, the students are required to enroll and work with any of the academic advisors in GCU. After getting enrolled, the “My Portal GCU” account of the students gets created. They get the credentials (login ID and password) to their email account. The students also receive the login instructions along with the credentials to sign in to the GCU student portal. After getting access to the GCU portal online account, the students can change their account password if they want.

GCU helpdesk

GCU offers a helpdesk for providing technical support related to the student portal. The students can find the page of technical support easily. For that, they need to open the GCU Student Portal Home Page and navigate in the following order:

GCU Student Portal Homepage → Future Students → Campus Resources → Technical Support

Also, there is a “Contact Us” page that the GCU student portal incorporates with it. Through this, the students have an option to interact/contact with the support team by sending an email, communicating through live chat, social media and/or phone call. The phone number is: (877) 428-8447.

At this point, please note that there are certain restrictions as well. These services are not available 24/7. The availability schedule is as follows:

  • Weekdays: 6 AM to Midnight
  • Weekends: 7 AM to Midnight

(This is according to the standard time of Arizona)

Addressing Login Issues

There is always a possibility for anyone to forget his/her password to access the GCU portal. To protect the GCU account and/or reset the account password, there is a simple process. You have to register your GCU portal account to reset the account password. To proceed further, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the main page: “My Portal GCU”
  2. Click the link for: “Trouble Logging in” – you will be redirected to a new page
    On the new page, select the option “I am a student”
  3. On the next page, enter username & password

Next, there will be two options:

Choose any of the two options accordingly. 

GCU Portal Access for Faculty

The faculty can use the GCU Faculty Portal for performing various tasks like uploading the lecture slides and course material, etc. For faculty, there are different websites on which they can log in according to the way of their affiliation with GCU. Following are the different websites for the faculty to login to their GCU accounts:

Addressing Login Issues

The faculty can address their login issues in a similar way as the students. However, the links for username recovery and password are different for faculty. You can open them by clicking the following hyperlinks:

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Note: In the case of resetting the password, choose from the options “I am Faculty” or “I am Student” accordingly. 

GCU Portal Access for Parents

GCU Portal Access for Parents is a platform for the parents/guardians of the students to access the information of their kids electronically. They can perform the following activities while using it:

  • Viewing their financial updates
  • Seeing important announcements of GCU, etc. 

The parents can only get access to the GCU Parent Portal if they get an invite by the university. There are two ways through which this invitation can be initiated:

  • Through eSIRF, i.e. “electronic Student Information Release Form”
  • Via a particular document requiring eSign

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