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Revamping home décor do not always need a major project and you do not have to spend a hefty amount on home décor. Home décor is necessary because home reflects the personality of an individual. Following are some brilliant home decorative ideas.

Bathroom Decor Ideas

The bathroom might be the smallest room in the house but it is also one of the easiest to update. It is the most important place in the house and it needs to be decorated nicely as it reflects the entire house. A fresh lick of paint, some new tiles or updated bathroom accessories are all that are required to décor bathroom. Big stores have come a long way in terms of cheap and chic bathroom accessories and stylish storage options. Give your bathroom a glamorous update with these ideas.

  • Replace bathroom shower curtain and curtain hooks for an instant freshener for even the most dingy bathroom. Create a sparkling bathroom makeover.
  • Dress the bathroom wall richly. Give it a dramatic color, wallpaper or sparkly tile.
  • Avoid white on white. White walls, white fixtures and white towels create a clean, restful, and spa-like vibe, but white on white doesn’t shout glam.

Kitchen Décor Ideas

Freshening up a kitchen does not have to be a nightmarish haze of blown budgets and chaotic schedules. Giving a makeover to a kitchen can be as easy as pie.

  • Redo the counters.
  • Update the kitchen with paint.
  • Reface the cabinets. Refacing cabinet doors is a process where original doors are removed, sprayed off site and then installed back in place.
  • Retile kitchen backsplashes. Most backslashes require only a few square feet of tile. Porcelain tile can be treated for most of the surface.
  • Beautify the kitchen windows by planting herbs and lining the pots up there.
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Bedroom Décor Ideas

  • Change the light bulb in the bedroom lamp with a pink one for a rosy, romantic glow or opt for a pink lampshade as it will beautify your bedroom.
  • Replace the drawer and cabinets pulls in your bedroom.
  • Place a lamp beside the bed as it adds beauty to the bedroom.
  • Place fancy lights or candle stands in the room as it will give a romantic and appealing look.

Other ways to Décor Home

  • Update lampshades in more contemporary shapes.
  • Instead of repainting a whole room, just paint one wall in a focal color or paint a contrasting rectangle over a sofa to use as a gallery space.
  • Update window dressings.
  • Edit the accessories. Remember that too much of a good thing is too much.
  • Paint the mouldings in a contrasting shade or white.
  • Replace an old faucet with a new one. It is a relatively simple DIY project.
  • Place an inexpensive but attractive frame or rescue an old one from an antique store.
  • Maximize light in a darker room by hanging a framed mirror directly opposite the window.
  • Spruce up the entrance by painting the front door with a cheerful color and pair it with a new lighting fixture.

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