How to do cold email follow up like a boss

Trying to crack the code on the perfect cold email copy for follow ups? Trying to figure out how to write a cold email that works? Learn how to tackle cold email follow up like a boss.

As it turns out, roughly 80% of your success will come from your cold email follow up sequence. If you think you had good success with

The first email needs to cover the basics, but in reality, most people don’t reply to strangers. Especially on their first attempt. 

If you’re persistent and build trust in your follow ups, you should be able to convert more of those prospects than you would’ve without the added effort.

Here’s what your competitors are doing in their follow ups…

  • “Just checking in again in case this of interest”
  • “Hi Karen, time is running out but it’s not too late if you’re interested in…”
  • “Not sure if you got my last email”

You get the point. Salesy. Salesy. SALESY! No one wants to be sold. We want to be served.

How can you serve your prospects in a cold email? Simply add value.

If you’ve started with a qualified email list from a reliable source like then you know the receiver genuinely needs what you’re offering. 

Here’s the theory behind how to write a cold email follow up like a boss:

  • Be human
  • Be courteous
  • Seek to serve

For example, I’ve sent cold email follow ups like this…

And gotten replies back like this…

People started thanking me for cold emailing them. I used to get a lot of nasty replies from some pretty unhappy people. The big mindset shift from selling to genuinely serving changed everything.

Here’s another response to that same email…

This is product market fit. Talk to your audience, and tell them the “what’s in it for me” behind receiving your cold email copy. If you catch yourself saying “I” or “we” more than once or twice, I’d encourage to look long and hard and if your message is truly about helping them, or if it’s about selling them.

If you take nothing else from this article, remember this one copywriting hack for cold email copy that will help do “cold email follow up like a boss”.

Three steps for how to write a cold email follow up:

  • Read it out loud!
  • Only send what you say face to face.
  • Follow up as often as you would face to face with that that business or prospect.

Reading your email out loud will often make you realize how cringe worthy your first draft was. Save yourself from sending an embarrassing email by ensuring it sounds human. 

Remember: written communication is a substitute for the spoken word, not the other way around.

If you apply the theory above, in addition to the three simple steps to writing a cold email follow up then you’ll be off to the races.

Don’t over think it, your prospect definitely won’t be.

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Written by Matt McQuinn

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