Top 10 Best Tumblr Alternatives or Similar Sites for Blogging To Consider

We have listed the tumblr alternatives where you can write or upload the interesting writing you admire.

Sites Likes Tumblr
Sites Likes Tumblr
Tumblr Alternatives
Tumblr Alternatives

Many people love to blog but mostly lack basic knowledge. Blogging is a very popular trend for interacting and giving out information and news, however, on the internet, there are more than millions of blogs readily available.

Blogging is considered a practical way to express and to share interesting experiences with the audiences.

We will be discussing the top 10 tumbler alternatives presently available in this area of expertise.

10 Best Tumblr Alternatives You Should Use

1. WordPress


The first choice of Tumblr alternatives is WordPress. This site is considered as the desired replacement to Tumblr. However, WordPress can offer two choices, on the right hand, it has a free source while the other hand is the premium blogging.

The pros of this alternative are:

✅ Pros

  • It is very famous and trustworthy
  • Features are highly administrated
  • Fully scalable, with strong support and solutions
  • A lot of plugins and themes for every kind of website.

⛔️ Cons

  • It can get complicated for the beginners
  • It’s based on a web post editor which is not up to the mark compared with the other sites available

2. Medium


Another Tumblr substitute is, it’s founded by the CEO of the world-famous social media site Twitter. Medium is an alternative that became very popular in a short period and is unique from other blogging alternatives. Medium focuses on content quality which makes it practically well known. Their special features include keyboard shortcuts and sharing links.

✅ Pros

  • Its quality is highly good and rich
  • Options to either make the blog public or private
  • The content editor is user friendly
  • Stats to check how many users engaged

⛔️ Cons

  • Restricted
  • No support for analytics

3. Blogger


If you want similar apps like Tumblr, then Blogger is a runner up, moreover, it is owned by Google which makes it trustworthy. Blogger is simple with a base post editor and you can limit to around a hundred blogs per account. Presently, Blogger comes with extra options such as viewing detailed stats

✅ Pros

  • It is supervised and managed by Google
  • Very simple to get started for amateurs
  • Easy monetization

⛔️ Cons

  • Restricted customs
  • Limited blogger templates are available to choose
  • Is not scalable

4. Ello


Ello comes in the category of Tumblr alternatives and is also a platform for creators who discover artists and designers. If you are searching for a Tumblr opportunity to enroll in a network of collinear mindset, Ello is a platform you should sign up. Moreover, you can collaborate with the artist and follow them on this platform

✅ Pros

  • It’s just like Facebook and Pinterest
  • You see a bunch of posts from people you don’t know
  • It’s an ad-free network

⛔️ Cons

  • Customization is not available

5. Newgrounds


Newgrounds aren’t always a Tumblr alternative however it is an advisable social media network for gamers, movie buffs, and artists. The cause why NewGrounds is popular among those seeking out alternatives to Tumblr is the truth that there aren’t any strict regulations. Moreover, the content has been branched into 4 categories – Games, Movies, Art, and Audio. You can join the NewGrounds community to see content from different people who have equal interests as you.

✅ Pros

  • No restrictions
  • Easy to use
  • Find people who have equal interests as you

⛔️ Cons

  • Not age restricted
  • Adult content is allowed

6. Posthaven


If you want a good alternative for Tumblr, then Posthaven might be an alternative you’re looking for. Posthaven offers you a price of 5 dollars per month for an account and each of these accounts limiting to 10 blogs. Posthaven’s target is to keep lasting and extending its growth.

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✅ Pros

  • Its password protected
  • Focuses to keep operations running
  • Permanent posts even after users end their subscription

⛔️ Cons

  • You can not make any trial accounts
  • Information added is scattered

7. We Heart It

We Heart It
We Heart It

We Heart It, another Tumblr alternative website used for blogging. It is similar to Instagram and was founded in 2008. We Heart It provides you with a visual platform and is also one of the blogging photo sites, however, his alternative offers you to share and follow the rest of the community.

✅ Pros

  • Allows you to organize pictures in the collection
  • Supports GIF and Videos
  • Images can be downloaded
  • Allows users to share with other social media

⛔️ Cons

  • It can be unstable either uploading or downloading images

8. DeviantArt


DeviantArt is not a popular site but still considered as Tumblr alternatives website, however, it has few customizable control panels which can be creative. Moreover, the network is extremely good for exploring creative content material which can be inspirational for the net surfers.

Another remarkable function of this platform is that it is not limited to virtual art. If you are a creative sketcher then it may give enough exposure to your impressive discoveries.

✅ Pros

  • A great network to share art with others
  • Many artworks to explore from
  • Gives a good interest in fanfiction

⛔️ Cons

  • Limited towards sharing or exploring
  • Lacks many professional tools for blogging

9. Pillowfort (Its Paid)


Pillowfort is yet another similar site like Tumblr that is still going through the beta transition. The idea was created from that people complaining about how there are many limitations and faults in other sites henceforth Pillowfort was created to help people blog.

This site is still in beta and requires you to pay a little amount before you join but you can try Pillowfort free as a demo, although you might have trouble accessing it.

✅ Pros

  • A perfect design for what the people wished for
  • Gives professional tools to blog

⛔️ Cons

  • Pay to join
  • Still in beta
  • Has many flaws

10. Ghost


Ghost is a weblog and its principle is to make ease for content writers and publishers.

Ghost is primarily based at the Node.Js run time environment, which makes it exceptionally fast and responsive. Much like WordPress, Ghost additionally has extraordinary versions, an internet server hosted bundle (starting at $19/month), or a self-hosted one ($5-10/month).

✅ Pros

  • Is fast and the response time is good
  • Has a powerful dashboard
  • Give you the feature of automatic formatting
  • Allows you to preview as you type

⛔️ Cons

  • Not cheap
  • Still going through development


There are countless blogging sites available on the internet but these 10 tops the list. However, if you are a blogger then these might facilitate you in the future for blogging.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. The simple answer is Yes. Tumblr support both iOS and Android platforms

Ans. Yes it certainly is. Even beginners can perform any activity without any hassle. It is quite straight forward.

Ans. To log in, a verification email is sent to your email upon making the account. Check your inbox, verify your email by clicking the link or a verify button. After this process your account is ready for use.

Ans. It certainly is not possible, however, the easy way to gain followers is to use tagged keywords in your blogs. If a person searches a keyword then there might be a possibility that your blog may show up if you have tagged that keyword. Hence that person can see your blog and eventually follow you.

A. Yes. Every site has its unique qualities. Hence it is on the user’s taste on which platform he or she wants to use.

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