Top 10 List of Most Famous Blind Celebrities in The World History

Top 10 Famous Blind People - List of Celebrities Who Can't See

Creativity originates morally from the strong and genuine depths of a person which below famous names have proven. These famous blind people achieved a prominent position in the world’s famous blind celebrities list. They proved that being blind and deaf is not a hurdle in success. They made it their power and showed the world that they are very special.

Therefore, Let’s have a deeper look in the biography and know more about the history of world-famous blind actors, blind athletes, blind singers and those who are considered legally blind.

Here is the List of famous Celebrities Who Can’t See

Ray Charles Robinson (American Singer)

Age:¬† 74 (September 23, 1930 ‚Äď June 10, 2004)
Birthplace: Georgia, USA, Albany

Ray Charles Robinson Famous Blind People
Ray Charles Robinson

An American singer, musician, songwriter, and composer Ray Charles Robinson considered legally blind at age 6 due to glaucoma.  By seven, he was completely blind but his blindness never stopped him pioneered the soulful music by combining country music, blues, rhythm, and pop music styles into his tunes. He markedly turns out to be one of the first black musicians and most famous personality in the world because of his interest in music.

Helen Keller (American author, lecturer & Political activist)

Age: 88 (Jun 27, 1880 РJun 1, 1968)
Birthplace: Tuscumbia, Alabama, USA.

Helen Keller
Helen Keller

A famous American author, lecturer & Political activist, Helen Keller fell ill when she was only months 19  old.  She became equally deaf and blind after the illness. Helen educated in a way to write & read,  and speak, and she has driven the American Groundwork for the Blind. The first deaf-blind being to receive a degree in Bachelor of Arts (B.A). She endorsed education and had alike prospects for blind people.

Louis Braille (French Catholic Priest)

Age:¬† 43 (4 January 1809 ‚Äď 6 January 1852)
Birthplace: Coupvray, France

Louis Braille
Louis Braille

Louis Braille a French catholic priest and discoverer of a system of reading and writing for the blind which is still used up to this date. He got blinded with both eyes in an accident when he was a child.  Louis Braille was also an organist, which led him to play the organ for churches all over France.

Marla Runyan (Athlete)

Age:  51 (January 4, 1969)
Birthplace:  Santa Maria, California.USA

Marla Runyan (Athlete)
Marla Runyan (Athlete)

Award-winning athlete and marathon runner Marla Runyan turn out to be the first blind sportsperson to participate in the highest finish in the Olympic Games in 2000. She endorses the effort of the Perkins Institute of the Blind, which is the first school of the blind in the USA.

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Andrea Bocelli (Opera Singer)

Age: 60 (22 Sep 1958)
Birthplace: Lajatico, Italy

Andrea Bocelli (Opera Singer)
Andrea Bocelli (Opera Singer)

Andrea Bocelli is an Italian Opera Singer, songwriter and turned blind after a football sports accident by age of 12. He was an Officer of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic and was privileged in the Hollywood, a star Walk of Fame for his involvement in Live Theater.

Stevie Hardaway Wonder (American Singer)

Age: 69  (May 13, 1950)
Birthplace: Michigan, USA

Stevie Hardaway Wonder
Stevie Hardaway Wonder

American singer Steve Hardaway Wonder got blind soon after his birth is one of the biggest successful songwriters and instrumentalists in the history of music. Concluded with his heavy use of electrical instruments and ground-breaking sounds. Wonder became a creator and influence to musicians of various genres including pop, blues & rhythm, soul, funk, and rock.

David Alexander Paterson (55th Governer of New York)

Age: 64 (May 20, 1954)
Birthplace: Brooklyn, USA

David Alexander Paterson
David Alexander Paterson

Among many blind people, 55th New York Governor David Alexander Paterson was the first African American who got fame in very little time. He got an ear infection at age 3 that left him blind with his left eye and with harshly partial vision in his right.

Jack Birkett (British Dancer)

Age:¬†76 (11 Jun 1934 ‚Äď 10 May 2010)
Birthplace: England

Jack Birkett
Jack Birkett

He was a¬†famous British¬†dancer,¬†mime artist,¬†actor, and¬†singer. He is best recognized for his effort on stage as an associate of¬†Lindsay Kemp’s theatre company, Jack Birkett in 1966 began to lose sight, trying a variety of treatments and surgery from a bee-stings.

Trischa Zorn (Swimmer)

Age: 56 (Jun 1, 1964)
Birthplace: Orange, California

Trischa Zorn
Trischa Zorn

Blind from birth swimmer Trischa Zorn is the most successful athlete but participated in the Paralympic Games leaving behind her fears. After that, she won more than 50 medals which are more than any other athlete and of any other nationality during that year.

Dr. Abraham Nemeth (American Mathematician and Inventor)

Age: 95¬†(Oct 16, 1918 ‚Äď Oct 2, 2013)
Birthplace: New York, USA

Dr. Abraham Nemeth
Dr. Abraham Nemeth

Dr. Abraham Nemeth was an American mathematician and inventor. He developed the Braille Code and Symbols of science for math. In addition to it, he was a Lecturer of Mathematics at the University in Detroit, Michigan. He was blind from birth and was best recognized for the development of a structure for blind people to write & read mathematics because of his great feeling for them.

In conclusion, It can be said that blindness can never be a hurdle in your way if you really want to become successful in your life. In other words, let your determination shout louder than your weakness to attain success. Share your thoughts on this famous blind celebrities list.

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