Top Six Real Life Examples of Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are almost everywhere. The chances are high that you are already using it in a way or another without even realizing it. There are numerous ways machine learning gets used to improve everyday life by informing business decisions and optimizing operations for conglomerates across the globe.

The Washington post’s AI writer named Heliograf created over stories in 2016, which revolved around the precedential election and Rio Olympics. There are many such amazing examples of machine learning; please read them as given below.

1 โ€“ Creative arts

It’s a matter of the fact that culinary art needs a human touch. Well, not anymore, because AI-enabled Chef Watson from IBM can help you with cooking and also provide suggestions for creative recipes. Another example is IBM’s machine learning system named Watson; it helped artists to create sculptures and other artworks in the Gaudi style.

2 โ€“ Online personal assistants

Some of the most famous examples of online personal assistants include Siri, Alexa, and Google’s assistant. All you need to do is activate them, and once they learn your voice, you can ask for any information. For example, you can ask questions like, “What’s my schedule for today?” “When’s the next flight from New York to California?” and so on.

3 โ€“ Financial services

Experian is the most prevalent example of machine learning in the financial sector. It receives all its data from marketing databases, records of transactions, and public information records, etc. American Express also rely on data analytics and machine learning to foresee frauds and save millions in losses. Other finance companies like also AmEx uses machine learning.

4 โ€“ Social media services

Social media platforms use machine learning to improve ads targeting, personalizing your news feed, etc. It helps companies to generate more business and improve user experience as well. Various features on social media heavily rely on machine learning. You might be using those features daily, and they include but are not limited to people you may know, face recognition in pictures, and similar pins on Pinterest, etc.

5 โ€“ Healthcare

Deep learning and artificial intelligence are getting utilized for saving lives by companies like Infervision. China doesn’t have enough cardiologists to study 1.4 billion CT scans each year. So, they trained Infervision to reduce the work of cardiologists by allowing them to diagnose cancer with more accuracy and efficiency. Google’s DeepMind has also entered the healthcare sector.

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6 โ€“ Virtual customer support

You must have noticed that many websites today provide an option to chat with a customer support representative. But, each site doesn’t have a live executive to respond to all your queries. In most cases, you end up talking to a chatbot. They consume information from the website and provide it to the customers.

Wrapping it up

Those were the six real-life examples of machine learning. Even more, according to a prediction, a whopping 85% of the people will interact with businesses without engaging with a real human. It means machine learning is going to grow enormous in the coming days.

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