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Top 10 Tech Channels on YouTube [Fastest Growing Tech Channels]

Tech Channels on YouTube

Technological wonders have always been a fascinating feat. Whether it’s a man riding a hover-board or something as wacky as making homemade furnaces, these things never cease to amaze viewers.

Now, with everything just a touch away, platforms like YouTube have made it easier than ever to get updates on all the latest technologies, gadgets, applications, and games with the help of tech enthusiasts and video makers.

From the latest news in the tech industry to reviewing the best gadgets, these YouTubers will break down everything for you.

That is why we bring you the list of the top 10 tech channels on YouTube. So this will help you learn and receive all the tech info you need.

1. Unbox Therapy

A tech channel with the description, “Where products get naked,” is literally all about unboxing the gadgets you have not seen before.

Created back in 2010, Unbox Therapy is a Canadian channel hosted by Lewis Hilsenteger with over 15 million subscribers and almost 2.9 billion views. The channel has 2.1 million followers on Instagram and 2.16 million followers on Twitter.

The channel is all about giving thoughts and reviews on all sorts of PC components, tablets, smartphones, gaming consoles and even keyboards.

2. Linus Tech Tips

This one is especially for all the tech geeks out there.

With over 9 million subscribers and hitting almost 2.7 billion views, Linus Tech Tips provides entertaining videos featuring tech reviews and useful information by unboxing computer hardware. It has 801 k and 853 k followers on Instagram and Twitter respectively.

This includes motherboards, earphones, PC casings and keyboards. In addition to this, you can find hacks related to everyday problems with your gadgets along with reviews on smartphones.

3. Marques Brownlee

A must-include on the list of best tech channels on YouTube, Marques Brownlee, a.k.a. MKBHD, has over 1.3 billion views on YouTube. On Instagram and Twitter, it has 2.1 million and 3.34 million followers respectively.

Mainly focusing on producing quality tech videos, the channel features video content on unboxing new products, reviewing smartphones and talking about apps and services.

What makes MKBHD stand out on the list is its high-quality videos and professional camera work.

4. The Verge

One of the best tech YouTube channels on the web, The Verge is the official YouTube channel for the renowned American technology news and media network,

With over 2.5 million subscribers, The Verge is the tech channel for getting in on the day’s most popular tech news. It will discuss all how technology is changing the future along with product reviews. On Instagram and Twitter, The Verge has 1.3 million and 2.56 million followers respectively.

It also produces videos that prove that it is among the first reviewers to get hands-on experience with the latest tech.

5. Technical Guruji

Particularly popular with the Indian audience, Technical Guruji is a different kind of tech channel which mainly focuses on covering the current tech news.

Along with that, Gaurav Chaudhary (who runs the channel) does an unboxing and product reviews in such a simple way that it even appeals to the non-techy audience. Therefore, the channel is popular among the non-tech audience as well.

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The channel has over 13 million subscribers and around 1.2 billion views. On Twitter and Instagram, it has 2.14 million and 1.2 million followers respectively.

6. Pocketnow

Providing an audience with top-notch tech news, reviews, and comparisons, Pocketnow has been assisting readers and viewers since 2007.

It is one of the few popular tech channels on YouTube that has done reviews on ALMOST every phone out there. Pocketnow has 1.7 million subscribers on YouTube. The number of followers on Instagram and Twitter are 125 k and 196 k respectively.

Hence, if you have no idea which phone to buy, there’s a 99.99% chance that you will find reviews and comparisons on Pocketnow regarding the phone you are considering.

7. TechSmartt

It is one of the more vibrant tech channels on YouTube. TechSmartt is run by Keaton Keller who incorporates some of the best camera work in his videos.

The channel is inclined toward making tech-savvy videos with a pinch of entertainment so it becomes an all-time favorite channel of the tech lovers. One can find product reviews and test videos for phones, including drop tests and scratch tests.

The channel currently stands with over 574 million views and a whopping 3.4 million subscribers. The number of followers on Instagram and Twitter are 173 k and 105 k respectively.

8. Jonathan Morrison

A tech YouTuber who has been in the running since 2010, Jonathan Morrison provides his audience with quality content.

Focusing on showcasing the latest gadgets and products, his videos are praised for their clarity, originality and exceptional execution.

His videos mostly feature everyday tech, including all the latest gadgets. He has more than 378 million views, while his 2.6 million subscribers are growing steadily. The number of followers on Instagram and Twitter are 368 k and 511 k respectively.

9. Android Authority

If you are all about Android and related tech, Android Authority would be number one on your list of top 10 tech channels on YouTube. If you are looking for anything new on Android products, this should be your go-to channel, while its website feature articles with the latest Android news.

The YouTube channel particularly targets hands-on reviews of the latest Android tech and products. Its videos include how-to guides, comparisons, tips, and tricks, monthly lists and app reviews. The channel currently stands strong with over 3.3 million subscribers and almost 713 million views. On Instagram and Twitter, Android Authority has 731 k and 995 k followers respectively.

10. CNET

Just like The Verge, CNET is the tech YouTube channel for the technology website. It covers all the leading tech-related material, offering a wide variety of content, having 2.2 million subscribers. CNET has 683 k and 1.66 m followers on Instagram and Twitter respectively.

Its videos range from tech news to smartphone reviews and games.

Apart from the conventional reviews, CNET further pushes its boundaries. It provides a platform for philosophical discussions. These discussions are about the influence of technology on our lives.

It even reviews unusual apps and ventures on non-technical areas.

Apart from our top 10 tech channels in YouTube, here are a few honorable mentions. These are meant for those whose love for tech knows no bounds:

  • TechRax
  • Austin Evans
  • Jon Rettinger
  • TechCrunch
  • Future Tech
  • NCIX Tech Tips
  • Nixie Pixel
  • Beebom

Which of these channels do you like the most? Share your thoughts about your favorite YouTube Tech channels in the comments’ section below so that other readers might find it auspicious.

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