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13 Reasons Why Apple Watch ⌚ is Worth Buying

Why Apple Watch

Since the time when Apple announced its first-ever wearable device, named Apple Watch, people, especially Apple lovers have been using it. The latest Apple Watch Series 5 was released in September 2019. Apple smartwatch is currently available in three types – the standard Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition.

Other people who are still waiting to buy a smartwatch after comparing Apple smartwatch with smartwatches from other OEMs must be looking for reasons why Apple Watch is worth buying. There are quite a few good smartwatches available in the market but if you are looking for a reason to buy the Apple Watch, you came to the right place. In this article, we will be going to highlight the 13 reasons why you should buy Apple Watch.

1. Apple Watch Apps

Apple Watch comes with a lot of apps in the App store even before it arrived in the market. These apps are not only just Apple apps specifically made for Apple Watch, but these are also apps by everyone. Apps like Facebook, Twitter, etc. are available for other smartwatches too but there are some dedicated apps made by third parties specifically for Apple Watch.

There is a City Mapper’s app that saves information about the busses, routes, etc. Then there is a BMW app made by BMW itself to allow owners to check how much charge is left in their BMW’s electric car. And one of the major show stopper apps showcased at the event is the Major League Baseball app that shows the score with the team’s short name and logo on the watch screen. These are just a few of the main apps that are already available on Apple Watch but not on any other smartwatch platform.

2. Ease of Use

Smartwatches feature a very small display and so it all depends on the housing OS to present features in a way that is easy for the users to operate with and do everyday operations with ease. Apple has done a remarkable job in this regard by making the Apple Watch interface so user-friendly and easy to use that even Apple users find it surprisingly easy to use.

The main circular display has a grid of tiny icons for apps which at first seems impossible and frustrating if you are to select an app but with the combination of touch screen, the dedicated button and the crown on the Apple Watch, it is very easy to pick an app you want to open.

3. Battery Timing of Apple Watch

One of the major reasons that people often look for while deciding to buy a smartwatch is how much it can last on a single charge. Most of the smartwatches can only last for a few hours on a single charge. According to Apple, Apple Watch can give you about 18 hours of battery life on a single charge. This means that you only have to charge the device once within 24 hours and if you can find a balance between the times you put on the smartwatch and use and when you charge it, then it’s going to be more fun. Apple Watch comes with a magnetic charger, you just have to take your Apple Watch closer to it and it will automatically stick to it.

The 18-hour battery life is divided into different tasks performed on Apple Watch. Apple said that during these 18 hours, people can check notifications 90 times, check the time 90 times, use apps for 45 minutes and do a 30-minute workout with music playback via Bluetooth connection.

4. Replaceable Battery

Apple Watch is the first smartwatch available on the planet right now that offers replaceable batteries. No other smartwatch has this option. This gives the end-user two type of benefits

1 – If they feel like the battery is dying out, they can replace it without replacing the whole smartwatch.

2 – If in the future, Apple comes out with bigger battery capacity for Apple Watch, owners of the watch can simply replace it with the existing low capacity battery.

5. Health & Fitness

Apple Watch has quite a lot of health and & fitness-related features and apps that it is no less than a fitness tracker for a person who owns it. There are quite a number of apps provided for tracking various health and fitness-related features of a person. For instance, the Activity app provides a visual display of a person’s daily activity which includes three colored rings. The first Move ring shows how many calories you have burned, the second Exercise ring shows how many times you have done any exercise and the Last Stand ring tells you how often you stand up to take a break from your regular routine.

Apart from the above available fitness data, the Apple Watch also acts as a reminder for your goals and progress updates that you have set. There is also a workout summary that shows how much you have worked out or jogged and how many calories you have burned in a specific period of time. Apple Watch also has a Heart Rate Sensor, an accelerometer that works with your iPhone’s Wi-Fi and GPS to accurately measure the duration of your workouts like walking cycling, etc.

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6. Retina Display

Another great reason to buy Apple Watch is that it is the first smartwatch to feature a Retina display. Retina display adds much-needed clarity and sharpness to the display of the device and even if the display is so small, it looks clear and vivid because of the Retina display used by Apple.

Retina display also makes display more readable in daylight and so the Apple Watch is an ideal candidate if you plan to use it more in daylight.

7. Apple Ecosystem

Apple’s ecosystem is something that has been admired by a lot of people and is also one of the many reasons why people prefer Apple products. The Apple ecosystem is so strong that everything works together and they perform better when paired with any other device. The same goes for Apple Watch and other Apple products.

If you own an iPad, iPod, iPhone, Mac or even Apple TV, you already have one reason to buy Apple Watch as it gives you access to features right on your wrist. Wouldn’t it be cool to operate your TV from your wrist or check your messages without grabbing or picking your device? Of course, it is.

8. Exquisite Design Aesthetics

Apple Watch is not just a techy gadget for geeky people. Apple has designed it in such ways that it not only offers extended functionality and various features but is also a valuable fashion accessory for you.

Other smartwatch OEMs have struggled to keep up with the fashion world and usually end up addressing one area or another but Apple has taken the necessary step by introducing Apple Watch in two different watch faces and three different types of models namely aluminum for Apple Watch Sports edition, stainless steel for normal day wear and the 18-Carat gold version called the Apple Watch Edition. There are a lot of wristbands to choose from as well.

9. Apple Watch is a Fashion Icon

One thing that both Apple and CEO Tim Cook has put the focus on about the Apple Watch that it is not just an ordinary smartwatch but a fashion icon and a luxury accessory for everyday wear. Think of Apple Watch like Mont Blanc or Rolex that have decided to upgrade their watches into smartwatches. With the Apple Watch, you get to design, aesthetics and fluidity in a single wrist package.

10. The Power of iOS

Apple Watch is also powered by iOS so it means that you get the same smooth and awesome experience that you get on iPhone or iPad. iOS is so well optimized that there are no lags whatsoever and you can have a seamless experience. And with the OTA updates rolling out every now and then by Apple, iOS keeps on getting better and better.

Besides that, iOS also has the number of apps available for it than any other mobile platform. So, even though Android Wear has been in the market for quite a while but iOS has more apps for Apple Watch than Android Wear. Apple also invited some of the major iOS developers at the Apple Watch event. This is because they know how important it is to get things rolling and provide the best iOS experience to end-user

11. Apple Pay

Basically, Apple Pay is a new mobile payment system developed by Apple which allows you to pay via your iPhone. Well, things are going to get even simpler and easier if you have an Apple Watch with you. Now you can pay on outlets supporting Apple Pay by using your Apple Watch instead of pulling out your smartphone from the pocket.

12. New Ways to Communicate

A great new feature demoed by Apple about the Apple Watch is the way two people can communicate with each other using the Apple Watch. Any two people who own Apple Watch can share little sketches, hand-made drawings, and emoticons with each other. This is a great thing to have and it’s a very interesting way of communication.

Not only this, you can just tap your Apple Watch to get other person’s attention wherever they are. To do this, simply go to contacts by pressing the dedicated button on the watch. Then pick a contact and tap on it. On the next screen, tap a few times to send a buzz to the other person. You can even send your heartbeat to another person by pressing and holding two fingers together on the Apple Watch screen.

13. Showing Off and Bragging Rights

Another important (sarcasm intended) reason to buy Apple Watch is to show it off to people that you own it. It’s such a stylish piece of hardware that anyone will want to have it. So before anyone else gets it, you should get it first and brag about it.

There you have it, all the reasons why Apple Watch is worth buying. Apple Watch is one of the very first smartwatches that are here to make an impact in the wearable industry. They will reshape how people think about these wearable devices. It will revolutionize both the tech and fashion industry. So, be a part of this revolution by becoming an owner of this awesome piece of technology.

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