Are you interested to write for Discover Soon? We would love to accept the unique and high quality content from you and feature it on our site. We appreciate your efforts to contribute to our site and share your knowledge about the latest trends and activities after making proper research. We aim to deliver high-quality content to our readers to spread as much awareness in the society as possible. You can have a look at the following guest post guidelines if you are interested to write for us. All the information that is required for getting started is given below:

DiscoverSoon is a multi-niche blog. It gives the information and news about the latest trends, technology, industry, events and other activities. We mostly try to mention all the important information including the facts and figures in the article about that specific topic.

Are you interested in Guest Blogging?

We also offer Guest Blogging for the interested writers and website owners. We receive requests on a regular basis from various startups, internet marketers, bloggers and agencies. By reading the following contributor guidelines, you can have a clear idea about what kind of content we expect from you.

Since DiscoverSoon is a multi-niche blog, we welcome guest posts on different topics. However, you first have to share some of your topic ideas with us through the contact form and then we will get back to you with a decision. Some topics are given below so that you can take ideas about the niche that you will choose for the article that you want to submit on our blog.


Technology ContentEducational ContentMarketing ContentBusiness Content
SoftwareSoftware Related Educational ContentDigital MarketingStarting a company
Software Product ReviewsFinancial EducationBlog PostingPassive Income
ProgrammingMarketing EducationPPCInvestments
Video GamesReal Estate Investment EducationSEMLessons Learned
App ReviewsSMM
Website Reviews
How To tutorials


  1. There are no hard and fast rules about choosing the niche, but still you have to choose the topic wisely. It’s better to write about something that is trending. Following are some more points that you must keep in mind when you write for DiscoverSoon.
  2. We only accept high quality content. We do not edit the article on our end. So please make sure to send the articles in final form that is ready to be published on the website.
  3. We do not entertain the articles with grammatical mistakes and poor sentence structures.
  4. Please read the other articles on the website first, so that you can have an idea about the tone and the standards.
  5. Your article should not be less than 750 words long.
  6. Please send the content in Word Document in a PROPER FORMAT.
  7. The content must be unique and it should never have been published anywhere before.
  8. In the article, use one link for your own website and two or three more links for websites with higher authorities.
  9. Please keep in mind the readers of DiscoverSoon in mind while writing the content. Try to be more clear and make your article easy to understand.
  10. The content that is against the policies of Google won’t be published.

Article Guidelines:

Following guidelines for format must be kept in mind while writing the article for us. Or you can simply adjust the format in the end after you finish writing the content.

  • Make small paragraphs with relevant headings.
  • If there are any lists, use bullet points. It is preferable to add some bullet lists in the article.
  • Use Bold and Italic in the content wherever necessary. Do not overuse these formatting options.
  • Use H1 for main heading and H2 for sub-headings.

Start writing the article after you get the topic approval from our editorial team. Once you send us the content, we shall publish it on our website after reviewing it within 5 to 7 days if it is according to our standards and quality. You need to hurry up if you want your articles to be published on DiscoverSoon as soon as possible.

Please send one article at a time. Once it gets published, you can send more while following the same approach. Also include an author bio of a few lines at the start of the article and mention the link of your website or blog (if you have any).

For more queries, you can contact us or start an instant live chat.

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Important: Please note that the Guest Posts that are published once on DiscoverSoon will be shared automatically with certain platforms of social media. So you will not be able to un-publish it. However, you can request for editing in various cases if it is important. Also, DiscoverSoon has the rights for refusing the content publication if it is not suitable for the website.

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